Raglan Road & Downtown Disney

First matter of business, I need to issue a correction. In my last post, I said only my mum and dad would read this blog. My brother protests that he would read it too, so hi Matthew, this post is dedicated to you.

Guess where we went today – DSC_0616

That’s right, Downtown Disney!DSC_0618

First stop, my family bought annual Disney passes so that when they come visit me, we can all hang out at the parks! Yay!DSC_0628

Then, on the recommendation of the cast member we bought tickets from, we headed over to Raglan Road for lunch. We were so glad we took his advice.


The restaurant had a fun pub vibe. Our server said that they have live music and Irish dancers around the dinner hours, and apparently it’s been rated the best restaurant in Central Florida before!



After ordering, the server brought us great bread, but what was really good was this sauce that he brought with it. The sauce was a mix of oil, Guinness (reduction?), and sugar. Guys. It was so good. Syrup on bread, who would have thought it? But I wanted to stuff my face. Noms.DSC_0647

My mum and I split these. I don’t normally order these kinds of things, but we were in an Irish style pub and some of them sounded really tasty – and they were! In particular the one on the left, the strawberry-lime-pear drink was our favorite.DSC_0650

My whole family but I ordered one of the specials, a roast beef sandwich with greens and horse radish. DSC_0675

They all agreed that the sandwiches were really good. They also loved that the beef was actually really tender, because some beef sandwiches are made with tougher meat, BUT NOT THESE. I didn’t try any (although I tried the truffle fries – yum!) because I was busy with-

My shepard’s pie! I’ve tried to think of something more impressive to say than yum, but yeah just yummmm. I ate too much. But did I really? It was so good.


I had mentioned to the server that my birthday was soon when he checked my ID for my drink, and he was kind enough to bring me a birthday dessert and let me tell you I don’t like bread pudding. But I LOVED this bread pudding. The bread part was more like cake? (my brother suggested waffles that weren’t quite cooked), regardless it was sweeter than the bread usually used in bread pudding, and it was covered in butterscotch and creme anglaise. Are you drooling yet? Despite being stuffed from our main courses, we ate the entire thing.DSC_0690

Raglan Road, I miss you already.


Then we wandered around some more, and found this fun hat shop!


Which meant we had to try on the fun hats and then marvel at the prices (the one I’m wearing was $300? Worth it for a custom leather piece, but sadly not in my budget).


I didn’t leave entirely empty-handed though. I left with this cute, and much less expensive straw hat.IMG_3842

Succumbing to our food comas, we left Downtown Disney, but I’m sure I’ll be back. I mean look, they have Amphicars! I have a mighty need to ride in one.


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