The Yachtsman Steakhouse

For my family’s last night in Florida (which was a while back now), we went to another of Disney’s restaurants (yay Tables in Wonderland discount) – The Yachtsman Steakhouse.


Getting there was a little crazy. We hit parking lot like traffic on the road back to our hotel and eventually bailed to head straight to the restaurant to try to make our reservation on time. Which meant we didn’t have time to change and were not dressed according to the dress code, but the host was nice enough to let us in anyway.DSC_0022

The Yachtsman is in Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, where the theme is, you guessed it, Yacht Club.

First up was my favorite course, bread.


The french rolls were good, but what I really loved were the onion rolls. They were flaky and the texture of croissants, but with a light onion flavor. Super good. I had three and could have had more.

I also had my fancy drink of choice, a Shirley Temple. And it came with a Mickey straw!! Which I took home. Because I am an adult who now drinks everything with a Mickey straw.


I don’t usually get appetizers, because I am a small person and I tend to eat a lot of bread which I get for free with my meal. For my main course, I got the filet minon with the red wine sauce and mashed potatoes. I really enjoyed it, although I wasn’t feeling too well by the end of the meal and wasn’t able to finish it. But I brought home my leftovers so now I get enjoy it twice, so there is an upside!DSC_0034

Because it was getting late and I was feeling sick we didn’t stay for dessert, but maybe next time!

Overall I really liked the Yachtsman, my one complaint was that the service was a little slow, but I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that that was a fluke. Plus, the Yachtsman wins points for including extra onion rolls in my leftovers bag. Yummm!

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