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Last Friday was my final day of training and it was hot out. Like really hot (yeah, I know. It’s Florida. It gets hot here). And unfortunately, this led to me getting very sick at work. Luckily by the end of the day, I was feeling better, but I was feeling even more awesome because this cutie drove down as a surprise to cheer me up.


We went out to Downtown Disney for dinner. We wandered for a bit before finding Paradiso 37, where the wait was only 20 minutes, which for a Friday night seemed very reasonable (and it was on the Tables in Wonderland discount list what what). We only had to wait about 5 before the hostess told us we could be seated immediately if we were willing to sit at the bar.


We had also chosen Paradiso 37 because we thought it was the Disney dancing club. Turns out we were thinking of the Atlantic Dance Hall. Oops, but the mistake was fine because the food at Paradiso was good!

Since we were seated at the bar, we chose some fun drinks. I don’t remember the exact name of my drink but it was something with the word “mama” in it. It had coconut, orange, and mango (?) in it. Yummy except for the pulp. Why people. If its a drink it shouldn’t have solids in it.


Brennen got a sangria. It had a little too much of a kick for me, but he enjoyed it.



I didn’t want anything super heavy, so I ordered the chili off the appetizer menu. I also ordered truffle fries because I didn’t realize that the chili would come with chips. Oops. The chili was great though! I’m always a little worried about ordering chili because I can’t handle spicy food, but this chili was perfect.


Brennen got this. I think it was the beef burrito. But I could be wrong. I was busy focusing on my chili. He finished most of it, so I’d say it was a hit with him.



After we finished, we walked around Downtown Disney. It was crowded, but because the sun had set the temperature was nice.




I found out more about the amphicars! They’re a private tour in reworked vintage cars around the lake. Super cool, but a little out of my price range.


I made use of my employee discount for the first time! I bought this beautiful journal to record my memories of my time working for Disney. All my trainers recommended doing this because it can be so easy to forget the little moments that make my job so great.


I also found this gorgeous scarf. It’s the prettiest, softest pink.


And look, when I wear it I can subtly rep Disney.          DSC_0147

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