Hopping back in time a couple weeks, my family went to Nasa for their last day in Florida!  DSC_0002

Our first stop, the cafeteria. I got the mac and cheese.DSC_0004

After watching a documentary about the future of space travel (MARSSS), a lot of which technology wise I had learned about from the book The Martian (book review pending), we headed over to see actual pieces of space stuff. By which I mean rockets and landers and stuff.


Did you know that Florida has the second most bald eagles in the US behind Alaska? Because it does. There is a giant bald eagle’s nest on Nasa property that I believe the bus driver said had been there and in use for 50 years (I could be completely wrong…)!



We got to touch a moon rock!


I wish I remembered the names of some of these space things. Below is another one of them. They’re cool, but I was tired that day. I want to go back when I haven’t just spent the week moving into a new apartment.


Until next time Nasa!

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