Epcot wth Brennen

Last week Brennen visited for my days off and we decided to go to Epcot.DSC_0056

We began our tour in Canada and England. I love the costumes that some of the countries wear. Like the cute dress this woman was wearing.DSC_0057

Look at this cutie. He waited to see Belle with me.DSC_0060


After wandering around, we stopped by Morocco. DSC_0208

And got a snack! I was super excited to try the chicken shawrma and it was okay, but it was a different style than the kind I’m used to from home. DSC_0209

We had to stop by China as a salute to my years in Beijing, and while there we ran into Mulan.DSC_0312

I didn’t take photos but I finally made it all the way around the world! I finally know what the other half of the Epcot world looks like.

We went back to Italy for dinner – Tutto Italia! It was so good. For bread, we got focaccia and these breadsticks we always used to get with meals when we lived in Italy. DSC_0354

For my main course, I got the lasagna. It was amazing. So cheesy and perfect. Just thinking about it is making me want to go back to Epcot and eat there again.DSC_0356

Noms. And the view wasn’t bad either.


On our way out, we saw a wedding party! Her dress was gorgeous and a wedding party at Epcot is such a fun idea!


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