Cinderella’s Royal Table

Remember when I said I had already checked something off my Disney Bucket List? Want to hear about the best date I’ve ever had?

Well, after wandering around the Magic Kingdom and asking at Be Our Guest to see if they maybe had any cancellations (they didn’t). Brennen and I went over to the Cinderella’s Royal Table staff and asked if they happened to have any openings…. and they did!!! So that night, after a wonderful day in the park, Brennen and I got to eat here:


Fun story, it started pouring rain when we were on the carousel waiting for our reservation time to come up. So even though we had rain gear, our shoes and socks got soaked. It did nothing to dampen our enthusiasm.


Some of the photos in this post were taken by Brennen. They are the ones that don’t have my name on them.


First we waited for our host to show up, and then got a photo with her.


Then we got to go upstairs into the actual castle proper. I was dying.


We lucked out. We got a wonderful table next to a window that overlooked the carousel.


For dinner, they serve a prefixed menu. So you pay a certain amount (it’s not cheap) and then you get an appetizer, entree, and dessert.

You also get the best course, bread, for free with the meal.


For my appetizer, I got the soup of the day, which was a chili. Super tasty but a little spicy.


Brennen got the shrimp and grits. I’m not a fan of shrimp but I tried the grits and yuuum.


For our main course, we both got the steak. I wasn’t expecting much because I assumed it was more about the experience of being in the castle but it was sooo good! Like definitely the price of the meal is because of the location, but the food was also fantastic!


During the meal, several princesses circulated. And we had the most magical table because not only was it right next to the window but it was also THE FIRST TABLE THE PRINCESSES CAME TO.


Ariel was so sweet. When I mentioned I was working for Disneyworld, she came back to our table after doing her rounds to say hi again. She also popped over while Jasmine was visiting to let her know too.



We also met Aurora but the photos turned out baddd.

For dessert, I got the strawberry cheesecake.


And Brennen got the brownie thing. Brennen doesn’t even really like dessert and he finished it. That should tell you something about how tasty everything was. DSC_0221

I was so excited about everything that our waiter brought me a wand they usually only give to kids, so I asked him to sign my journal.


We were about to leave (the fireworks had been delayed because of the rain, which soaked our shoes and left them soaked the entire dinner), but then the hostess said the fireworks were about to start. So we hustled back to our table and watched the fireworks. She was right, the view would have been better outside, but it was magical watching them from inside the castle.


Was Cinderella’s Royal Table expensive? Yes. Was it worth every penny? Yes.

Eating at Cinderella’s Royal Table was a magical experience and I’m so happy that Brennen an I were able to go. Best date ever.


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