Pink on Pink Cupcakes

My apartment-mate’s birthday is tomorrow so I decided to take a crack at these super cool ombre cupcakes I found.

I do not have the skills of the blogger who made those. Nor do I have the right frosting tip because the Michael’s near my house was out of that one. But I’m still pretty happy with the way these turned out. And by these I mean the best looking ones that I put front and center and photographed up close.


But isn’t the one up there nice and swirly?

I made a mini stand for them out of two upside down circular cake pans and a pink cup. Below you will notice that the frosting jobs on these cupcakes are not as nice as that one up top. But you know what, I bet they taste just as good. Although I don’t know because I haven’t had any because I had too much cake batter and got frosting all over my hands while in the process of frosting the cupcakes and have seen more than enough sugar tonight.


Totally the same cupcake as before, but look how perfect that swirl is! The difference between the shades of pink is more obvious in real life, and boy are they yummy shades of pink.


Happy birthday Kara!

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