Apartment Tour

I’ve been meaning to post about my apartment since I moved in, but it was my friend Meredyth who finally prompted me to get off the couch and take some pictures.

You enter into the dining area.


Here’s the living room as of right now.


Beyond the living room is a secondary sitting area. It still needs some more decorating.


The kitchen. Pretty much done, although I’d like to hang something over the little something over our mail basket at the end of the counter.


Andddd my bedroom.


Here’s my dresser. We bought it at a yard sale and I repainted it.


My old roomie, Casey, wrote this post-it note and stuck it on my mirror during the last school year. I loved the cheerful message every morning so I framed it and put it on my dresser. I found the frame at Goodwill for a dollar or two. Which is great, since square frames are hard to find and strangely expensive when found.DSC_0018

My desk area. The chair is one I found on the curb a couple summers ago and painted. The cushion on it is a walrus with a balloon and I think it’s hilarious.DSC_0013

Next door is my bathroom. It’s neutral tones, which allowed me to reuse things from my college bathroom.

DSC_0001   DSC_0003


The apartment isn’t done. I want to hang some more things in the common areas, but I need to look through what we already have and talk to my apartment-mate.

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