Main Street Trolley Parade

The other day I got early, and on my day off GASP, so I could catch some of the live entertainment that happens in the parks in the morning. While I photographed a few different things, I wanted to show off the adorable Main Street Trolley Parade.

Main Street Trolley Show 7/28/1

The parade is themed to be loosely turn of the century like Main Street itself. And how stinking cute is it? The answer: So stinking cute.

Main Street Trolley Show 7/28/1

It couldn’t not be. There is literally a line in the song they dance to that refers to “your toostie-wootsie”. Some people might find this to be too much, but I eat it right up.

Main Street Trolley Show 7/28/1

The dancers were like THIS close. I had to switch out my long camera lens (the one I usually use for parades) for my short one.

Main Street Trolley Show 7/28/15

It was summer themed. I guess they switch up the song/ dance/ costumes for the season and I am so pumped to see the other seasonal ones if they’re as cute as the summer one.

The Main Street Parade was definitely worth getting to the park early to see. If you’re interested, there are more photos from this show on my flickr!

Main Street Trolley Show 7/28/1

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