Practically Perfect in Every Way

I have a fun post planned but alas have not finished editing the photos and at this moment I’m too tired to want to tackle that tonight. But don’t be fooled, this post is still going to be practically perfect.

The other day when I headed into the Magic Kingdom early, I stumbled upon the lovely Miss Mary Poppins doing a meet and greet.

Mary Poppins 7/28/15

Isn’t her dress amazing? It ranks above several of the princesses’ dresses in my mind. It’s so crisp and summery.

Mary Poppins 7/28/15

To be honest I have not seen the film Mary Poppins in years (actually I think I saw the stage show more recently and that was still almost a decade ago). Every time I see Mary Poppins at Disney though I want to rewatch it.

Being a nanny, Mary is great with kids. Here she and a little girl waved to the passing parade, super cute.

Mary Poppins 7/28/15

Before she left Mary was kind enough to pose in front of the castle for me.

Mary Poppins 7/28/15

She really is practically perfect!

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