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Last week I went to the Magic Kingdom with my friend for her birthday. When it started getting around dinner time, we decided that we would wander over to Be Our Guest and see if they happened to have a cancellation.

A little back story, without giving any personal details, my poor friend had had a very rough birthday morning. We knew our chances were unlikely as Be Our Guest books up months in advance, but she decided she wanted to see if there was a table available. She went up to the women running the will call booth and explained her situation to Connie. Working some true magic, Connie the amazing hostess managed to squeeze us in and completely turn my friend’s birthday around.


Thank you Connie!

We ate in the West Wing. It was so cool! It even had the enchanted rose with petals that slowly fell.


Everything was perfect, every little detail was thought through. Even the napkins were shaped like roses. They were almost too pretty to use. We all had to take a bunch of photos to capture them before we felt like we could unfold them.


My favorite course, the bread!


I almost didn’t order an appetizer, but at the last minute I decided to order the potato leek soup and I am so glad I did! It was amazing.


For my main course, I went with the steak frites with vegetables. Like the soup it was amazing. I preferred the cut of meat at Cinderella’s Royal Table, but this was still delicious.


For dessert, I had to try the grey stuff. It was a creamy frosting on a chocolate cookie type thing. Pretty tasty!


Rebecca’s dessert was by far the best one. It was a strawberry cheesecake cupcake and it was so goodddd. I’m drooling just thinking about it.


Our other friend ordered this. It was a lemon pastry of some sort. I don’t remember exactly what it was but it was also (in a shocking pattern, or you know, not so shocking pattern) really good.


After our meal, we had to explore the rest of the restaurant. The ballroom was beautiful. I had seen photos, but none of them compared to actually *being* in the ballroom from Beauty and the Beast.


We also got to meet the master of the castle. The Beast was quite the gentleman.


On the way out we walked by these suits of armor, and they talk! They were hilarious. One conversation:

Suit 1: There is a girl, maybe she will fall in love with the beast and break the curse!

Suit 2: Or perhaps…. she will fall in love with me instead!


Before we left, we had to get a shot in front of this gorgeous mosaic. Everything was gorgeous. We spent so much time taking photos to document every little detail.


Basically, Be Our Guest was amazing. Like Cinderella’s Royal Table, it’s well worth the money. The venue is beautiful and the food is delicious.  Plus you get to EAT IN THE BEAST’S CASTLE IT’S JUST LIKE THE MOVIE GUYS. Thank you Connie for making this magical moment happen!

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