Les Chefs de France

This post sponsored by my mum who surprised me with a gift card to make sure I eat something other than canned soup and frozen waffles sometimes. Love you Mum!

I finally had a day off on Wednesday and I made the most of it by partaking in the things I like to do most: reading, taking photos, and eating good food. On the eating good food front, my plan was simple: I wanted a steak. Epcot’s Le Cellier is supposed to have amazing steaks and poutine. I figured getting a table for one wouldn’t be a challenge right? Wrong. They were booked up.

As I walked away from Le Cellier glancing at the ever darkening rain clouds and muttering about how Quebec just wants to be part of France anyway, I decided why not go to Quebec’s source? And that’s how I ended up at Les Chefs de France.

Les Chefs de France 8/19/2015

Les Chefs de France is set up like a French Bistro and sitting in my window seat watching it rain and staring at vintage French posters and the little artist’s stand across the way, it wasn’t hard to pretend I was actually in France. I also pulled out the three phrases I remembered from high school French to say Bonjour to the servers.

Les Chefs de France 8/19/2015

The bread course came along with my appetizer. The bread was a warm french baguette, and my appetizer was a bowl of French onion soup. Given the sudden drop in temperature and the rain that started as I got to the restaurant, I appreciated all the warm food in a way I might not have earlier in the day (because it was HOT outside). I really liked the soup, particularly since unlike the version my school served, this soup had onion flavor without going overboard with adding too many onions.

Les Chefs de France 8/19/2015

Les Chefs de France 8/19/2015

For my main course, I was torn between getting the guyere mac and cheese and the beef short ribs. I went with the short ribs because they were closer to my original goal (steak), and because my French onion soup already had guyere in it, but I really want to go back and try the mac and cheese.

Les Chefs de France 8/19/2015

The phrase melt in your mouth could have been created to describe these short ribs. The meat was so amazingly tender, and I love a good bordeux sauce. It was paired with cooked carrots and guyere polenta. I’m not a huge polenta fan, so I’m not the best judge, but the polenta was fine. If my family comes and my parents (who love polenta) eat here, I’ll be able to give a better review of the polenta. It tasted like good polenta, but as someone who doesn’t love polenta…

For dessert, I took my server’s suggestion and ordered the mousse de chocolat. I love me some chocolate mousse and this was thick, creamy, and perfect. It came with a thin slice of something similar to pound cake, which tasted fine but was ignored in the wake of AMAZING CHOCOLATE.

Les Chefs de France 8/19/2015

I ordered the prefix menu, and it wasn’t cheap, but it was certainly very tasty and the servers were very nice. My single complaint is that at the end of the meal to pay your server brought over a little machine to swipe your card and you then manually added the tip while your server stood there. My waitress was good and I was happy to tip her, but it was a little awkward to have her right there while I did it. Other than that the meal was superb!

Bon appetit!

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