Rhode Island

This week I had the incredible opportunity to travel for my company to Rhode Island (yes, I’m as surprised as you are that Rhode Island could handle an influx of 3 new people, I didn’t think they’d have the space).

We arrived Wednesday. The flight was uneventful, at least I have to assume it was (I slept the whole way, so I guess I could have missed something exciting). My apologies for the bad photo quality in this post, I was using my phone’s camera.

My coworkers and I stopped at a sandwich shop near our hotel for lunch – Ellie’s Bakery. It was cute and the food was amazing.


I’m not a very adventurous eater, but I went outside my comfort zone a bit with a twist on a grilled cheese sandwich – this one had bacon, mushrooms, and onions in it. And it was SO GOOD. Paired it with a blackberry soda, salt and vinegar chips, and then a chocolate cake macaroon for dessert.


Then, since I had some free time before I was scheduled to do anything, I met up with one of my good friends from college. We hit up the Roger Williams Park Zoo. We had it practically to ourselves because Wednesday at 3 pm is not a busy time for zoos once school is back in session. Sadly we missed out on the camel rides by 2 days because the busy season is over. One day I’ll ride a camel. It’s gonna happen. I did bring my real camera for this so if any of the photos turned out, expect to see them here soonish.


Then we headed to my friend’s house for dinner, stopping for a Del’s on the way back. Del’s are frozen lemonades and according to my friend are a Rhode Island staple. Noms.


Dinner was fantastic and I learned how to play a new card game (called 45 – We totally should have won, my team was robbed).

The next day I wandered around the Providence Mall as it was a short walk from our hotel. Guys. It’s starting to be fall in places that are not Orlando. I was wearing long pants and my sweater and it was rainy and chilly. That said the day we landed it was hot, but FALL IS COMING THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

That evening I worked the event that I had been flown in for (no details because *magic*), but it was really fun.

Then we flew back to sunny Orlando at 5 am this morning.

One thing I really wanted to do once I graduated college was travel, something that my work schedule doesn’t allow currently, so it was really cool to get to travel for my job! I hope more opportunities like this arise in the future.

Stay magical readers!

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