Adulting for Beginners

What my company thinks I do on my day off:


haha you think the 10 days straight is part of the joke

What I actually do on my day off:

  • Go to the gym
  • Clean my room and bathroom
  • Take out the trash
  • Go to Target to return item that was too small
  • Avoid buying a million impulse purchases from Target, my one true weakness
  • Get ink for my printer (why is it so expensive??)
  • Plan meals for week
  • Invest in a daily planner
  • Grocery Shop
  • Cook dinner
  • Begin cat proofing my room
  • Finally get pictures hung on wall
  • Write a blog post
  • Wonder if I should buy knee braces for work because dang do my knees hurt

I finally got around to hanging some pictures and I decided to go with a collage of pictures that will change with the season. Right now the theme is Autumn. Not that you can tell it’s Autumn here in Orlando because it is still HOT.


I’m very pleased because I’ve been adding lots of little fall touches around the apartment and they are real cute.

Such as this pumpkin centerpiece. Created with a pumpkin and garland that were on sale at Michaels. I’ve gone for autumn things versus Halloween things because then I can keep using them until after Thanksgiving. The only Halloween thing I invested in was a bottle labeled “Spider Cider” because my university used to sell Spider Cider (go UR Spiders!!) every fall and it was too cute a reminder of university fall days.


Craft stores always have such a distinctive smell, although I’m not sure what exactly the smell is. Part of it is scented candles, the rest I don’t know. Either way with the handful of craft store decorations I bought my apartment occasionally smells like a craft store and it’s a weirdly comforting smell. They should make craft store scented candles. I’d buy one.

Anyway, that got off topic. To sum up, one day off is not really enough time to relax because I have to use my day off to adult. Now if I had two days off a week that would be cool. It feels like how schools always seem to be so against giving in to snow days because “students will just waste the day” when in reality snow days meant “oh thank god more time to work on all my insane work and projects”.

Coming next, or possibly not next we’ll have to see what inspiration strikes, my recap of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party:

Tarzen & Jane 9/18/2015

Stay magical readers!

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