Finishing the Hat

Sometimes things are awesome down here. Sometimes my job is fantastic. But, sometimes, things aren’t always going so well down here. Work can be challenging in many ways, and sometimes even discouraging when it causes me and some of my co-workers physical pain.

It’s times like these when I find it really helps me to create something tangible. Which sounds weird, but I really like making things. So when I saw one of my co-workers come in sporting a hat she had crocheted herself, I decided that I wanted to learn to crochet a hat too.

After looking around online and both scoffing at the too simple looking beanies (I like to jump in the deep end metaphorically) and being intimidated by instructions because I don’t actually know how to crochet, I hit up youtube. I highly recommend it if you want to learn to crochet. This is the video I used:

The woman was very clear and easy to follow and had a delightful accent to boot. For me it really helped to be able to visually see the steps I was supposed to take and to be able to rewatch over and over when I wasn’t sure I was doing something correctly.

This hat can actually be worn two ways. As a slouchy beanie:


Or (by turning it inside out and flipping the brim up so the ribbing shows), a different kind of beanie:


After finishing the hat, I was so pleased that I decided to crochet a little bow that I could pin on as well. I used the guide here to make the bow. In future if I were making a bow for a hat, I would make it a little smaller than the one I made but I’m still pleased with it.

There was something so satisfying about this project. I even bought more yarn so that I can crochet something else ( another hat? mitttens? who knows!). And yes the title of this post refers to the Stephen Sondheim song.

And I guess this post answers my question if my next post will be about Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Oops. Maybe the next one!

Stay magical readers!

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