Kitty Love

Since graduating college and supposedly becoming an adult, I don’t usually feel like I have any idea what I’m doing. I also don’t usually feel like I’m making the right decision because IN LIFE THERE AREN’T NECESSARILY RIGHT AND WRONG CHOICES??

A lot of elements of my life don’t feel like they’re gelling together right now. I miss my family and my boyfriend, my job is rather stressful at times, and I haven’t really found my niche yet.

But at the end of every day, no matter how long or hard it was, Jemma Jinx is there waiting for me. Literally. When I open the door, she comes running. According to my roommate she sometimes even sits by the door and waits for me.


She’s always excited to see me, and follows me around the apartment when I’m home. When I shower, she hops up on the counter and waits for me. If I take too long, she sticks her head around the shower curtain and reminds me that she’s waiting for me.


I know that my family and friends, although they’re far away, care about me. But Jemma Jinx is here, even on my worst days. She’s not a perfect cat (we’re still working on the whole let’s calm down when I’m sleeping thing – although it’s sort of forgivable because she loves me and literally is trying to wake me up so I can play with her), but I’m not perfect either and Jemma Jinx reminds me that I’m not alone. I feel like one of those bumper stickers on the back of a car that reads “Who saved who?” with pawprints all over it that’s stuck next to those little stick figure families, but well, it’s not that far off.

Stay magical, readers!

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