New Adventures

I did it! I packed up and moved back home. What am I doing with my life? Who knows.

My New Advnture

We introduced Jemma Jinx to her big brother Harry Potter. So far they don’t particularly like each other. There has been a lot of hissing and staring at each other in confusion, but no actual physical conflict so that’s good at least!

We’re looking into a doctor so I can hop back into physical therapy. As difficult as it was to leave my job, the orthopedist I spoke with before I left Florida validated my fear about my knees getting worse if I had continued at my job. He also pointed out that after looking at my x-rays and my small physical frame, that my knees are not quite properly aligned so when I bend them (which I did a lot of in my job) they don’t track right. Which is part of what caused the problem, compounded with many pounds of heavy costume adding to the weight on my knees. TL;DR: it’s sad, but it was nice to have the doctor confirm what I knew (my injuries would get worse if I stayed in the same job), and additionally add that my knees are particularly ill suited for this job (and actually wouldn’t get better on modified because sitting with them at a 90 degree angle puts stress on them).

But wait Katie, why didn’t you look into other jobs at Disney? The answer is that I did. I talked to everyone I met about their jobs and what their favorite and least favorite things were and ultimately didn’t see any in park jobs that felt like they fit. Plus when I spoke to the HR people about transferring they told me there was a very specific process involved because I was injured on the job and basically it sounded like after months they would reassign me based on what the doctors told them I couldn’t do. I decided that it made more sense to cut my losses and come home instead (if any imagineers come across this and want to talk to me about becoming a creative imagineer I am all for that though).

Now what? Dunno. First and foremost is getting my body physically healthy again. Then looking at jobs. I also have lots of smaller goals I’d like to meet (for example I want to learn to cook better, Nanowrimo is coming up again, I want to get a library card and read more. Perhaps a post on these goals will appear at some point).

With my new adventure comes an update. My blog title was chosen to reflect my time working for the big mouse. As I no longer do that, I’m changing it to reflect more of where I am right now. Which is simply a girl with a cat. For all two of my followers, update your bookmarks:

KatieandtheMouse —> KatieandCat

Stay magical readers!

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