Chef du Katie: Potato Pancakes

I’ve been wanting to learn to cook for a while now so when my parents told me that they had potluck plans with some of our neighbors, I decided to try my hand at cooking something out of what was in our pantry.

Knowing we had mashed potato mix I settled on potato pancakes. I had never made these before (except for that one time we don’t talk about where I literally made mashed potatoes and then tried to fry them. It didn’t work), so I consulted some recipes online. Then, promptly deciding that they all looked pretty much the same, I decided that I could do this without help.

I made some mashed potatoes (ignoring the box’s directions and using all milk instead of milk and water because I’m a rebel like that), and then mixed them together with an egg, some flour, leeks (I chopped up some fresh leek and quick cooked them in the microwave because I like the taste of leeks), and then put in onion powder with garlic salt.

Then, taking small amounts of this potato dough, I dropped them into a small bowl of flour and coated the outside of the pancake. After heating up oil in a pan, I dropped them in and let them fry.

Potato Pancakes

(not pictured, the other 8 pancakes that were less photogenic)

Overall, they were pretty tasty. Not bad for a first attempt. The consistency was good, and where the leeks were cooked they added a nice flavor.

Things to improve: I was worried about over seasoning the pancakes, and thus ironically ended up with under-seasoned pancakes. Not a big deal because I could just sprinkle salt on top, but something to be careful about next time. The leeks weren’t all cooked consistently and the ones that weren’t cooked as well were weirdly crunchy, but that’s what I get for taking the lazy route and cooking them in the microwave. Also I burned myself on some of the oil so that is something to improve on (although it splattered out of the pan so I’m not sure how to stop that from happening entirely…).

Paired with a nice piece of beef and a red wine reduction sauce these would be a great side (although with my love of all things potato I was happy eating a pile on their own).

Stay magical readers!

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