Katie Eats: Provence

Before going to see “Seminar”, my family had brunch at Provence, a restaurant in Chapel Hill.


I’d eaten here with my family before and it was as good as I remembered.


They serve their hot chocolate with whipped cream and it’s warm but this perfect warm that isn’t so hot that it’ll burn you, instead it’s a wonderfully warm that you can drink right away. I had three cups.


The bread course. A French baguette style bread. Nice and crunchy. My brother must not have eaten with me since I’ve started this blog because I had to bat his hand away so I could get a photo before we started eating it (love you Matthew, sorry your sister is nuts!).


I had the pan perdu, which is similar to french toast (it might just be french toast? I’m not a culinary expert). It comes with a nice creme anglais and had maple syrup on the side. It had a nice nutty flavor to it and is very filling.


I also ordered home fried potatoes. Because I believe potatoes should be eaten with every meal. It was actually nice to have something salty to balance out the sweetness of the pan perdu.

I have a headache and am feeling very boring, but don’t let this straight forward review turn you off, Provence is very tasty!

Stay magical readers!

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