Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

(What? But Katie, you left Disney so why a post about it?? Yes readers, I did, but I still have some Disney posts that need editing and posting so just because I’m not in Orlando anymore doesn’t mean the Disney fun stops! CAN’TSTOPWON’TSTOP)

I can’t believe Halloween is in just a couple of days! Which might be because I’ve been celebrating Halloween for almost two months now. At Disneyworld, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party begins in early September and runs until November 1st or 2nd. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays so I was all on board with getting to celebrate for so long and I took advantage of this by going to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party three times. Each was a very different experience.

First Party: Going Solo

Mickey's Not So Scary

I figured if I was going to be working the parties, I ought to go to one to see what it was all about. Lacking someone to go with, I went by myself! I wore my Giselle costume (from Disney’s Enchanted), and had a blast. Not everyone recognized the character, but those who did were excited because Giselle sadly isn’t the most popular character to cosplay. It even meant I got some extra candy when trick or treating from cast members who were tickled to see an unusual Disney character. That said the heels on both my shoes snapped. Oops. That’s what I get for wearing a costume that hasn’t been worn in almost 7 years (has it really been that long since 10th grade?? ahhhh). At least they both broke so I ended up walking fairly evenly.

I had never been to one of the Disney Halloween parties prior to this, so I had a good time looking around and taking pictures. This was the only night I watched the castle show “Hocus Pocus Spelltactular” and even though I didn’t grow up with the movie (I actually only watched it a few days before the party), I really enjoyed it. The show was fun and I enjoyed seeing some unusual villains sing their songs. Plus, the witches could have walked out of the movie (A+ casting dept!).

Mickey's Not So Scary

I expected to love Mickey’s Boo to You parade. Maybe I wasn’t in the best mood since my knees were sore and we had to wait quite a while for the parade to reach us (it’s much slower than Festival of Fantasy), but it didn’t blow me away. Elements of it were really cool – like the headless horseman and the gravediggers (they make sparks!! with their shovels!! right in front of you!!!!!), but the parade didn’t feel as unified as Festival of Fantasy. They also made the lights around the park very dark, making it almost impossible to get photos, and hard to see.

To cap off the night, I grabbed some more candy and rode Big Thunder Mountain (my favorite!). I normally don’t ride the attractions by myself but the line was only 5 minutes so I made an exception.

Second Party: Date Night

The second party I went to, I got to go with my boyfriend, who even let me dress him up for the event:

Mickey's Not So Scary

We fell asleep after spending all day putting together my boyfriend’s Mad Hatter costume, so our unexpected nap meant we headed to the party later in the evening. First up was riding on the recently reopened Pirates of the Caribbean (our timing was good, we walked on the ride and later in the evening the wait was 2 hours). Then, we grabbed dinner at Cosmic Ray’s, and spent some time people watching. We also went on a ride I had never been on before – Autopia. I let Brennen drive and wow are those cars hard to control. It was quite a jolty ride, but we were at the front of our line so we picked up some speed under the fireworks.

Being the nice guy that he is, my boyfriend let me drag him up and down the Liberty Square area looking for the lightest spot in the park to try photographing the Boo to You parade. I was marginally more successful, but it wasn’t really meant to be.

Mickey's Not So Scary

I had to get a picture with my twin before the night was over. My mum modeled my Alice costume off the Disney parks version (with minor alterations to the design when we preferred something else – such as a longer apron). I’d say she did a pretty spot on job!

Third Party: A Family Affair

Mickey's Not So Scary

For the third and final party I attended, I went with my family and dressed as Alice again, but this time with a steampunk twist on Alice and her friends.

My family wasn’t as interested in the parade and shows, so we focused more on getting on our favorite rides. We also stopped by Fairytale Hall so I could deliver some special treats to the princesses.

Mickey's Not So Scary

This was the week I left the company so I had some friends to say goodbyes to. Yes I was super cool and cried after this photo was taken.

I only stopped to pay attention to the fireworks show on this final night (my family was tired so we perched and watched) and I really enjoyed it! I liked all the remixed villain songs they used and it was fun to finally see the “perimeter fireworks” that constantly closed the roads I needed to use to get to work.

Mickey's Not So Scary

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is worth the price. There are lots of extra characters out and about, there are the special fireworks/ parade/ and stage show, there is free candy (well sort of, you do have to pay to get in…), and you get to wear costumes as an adult into the park! Yes, I used to do this for a living, but yes it is still super exciting.

I can’t wait to go back for the Christmas party!

Stay magical readers!

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