Katie (Re)Reads: Tamora Pierce’s The Immortals Quartet

It makes sense that I would check out a thick stack of books from the library and then immediately get sucked into rereading a book series I had already own instead (and in my defense I did start several of the library books but didn’t finish them out of disappointment). Tamora Pierce’s The Immortals Quartet is worth it though.

(And look they have shiny new covers! So many of Tamora Pierce’s books have weird covers, a side effect of many of them originally being published in the 90s I guess, but they’ve been re-releasing them with prettier covers. Not that you should judge a book and not that I’m one to talk as I often just buy whatever copies of books I want from thrift stores but… TANGENT)

“Set in the magical medieval world of Tortall, the Immortals quartet follows the adventures of Daine, a brave young orphan with a mysterious “wild magic,” the power to talk to animals, a quest to hone her magical skills and discover the truth of her parentage, and a duty to protect the kingdom from creatures of myth and nightmare.” –Simon and Schuster

I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to spoil anything that happens in the later books, but I will say a few things.

The characters are so much fun. I remember reading this book when I was younger and wanting Daine’s ability to talk to animals. Rereading them I still wanted Daine’s powers because let’s be honest that power would be awesome at any age. Daine herself is a likable heroine that I always root for, and her companions are as well. When I was younger I always connected more with Daine than with Alanna, who was more popular with my friends. Unlike Alanna I didn’t have much interest in becoming a knight (nor would my physique be particularly suited for it in my opinon…), so I connected more naturally with Daine (not to say I don’t love the Alanna books) because while Daine does her share of fighting and butt kicking, she has a softer temperament than Alanna and also can TALK TO ANIMALS.

The Immortals quartet is set in Tortall, the same kingdom that several other series by Tamora Pierce are set in and as always I loved the appearances by characters I had read about in other books. Pierce’s world building is amazing. We get to visit so many different places and they all have their own interesting cultures. We get so much detail but it all fits naturally into the story. I’m always left wishing there was more left still to read after finishing a Pierce book.

Which always brings me to the point: why hasn’t someone scooped Tamora Pierce’s books to do a massive movie or tv show adaption ala the Marvel universe where characters we love and met before show up again and again in later stories. The stories are great and would translate well to screen. Fantasy is so big right now and //these books are better than Games of Thrones//. POC characters, women who are real people (instead of you know there to walk around naked why does every female on GoT end up showing off her boobs??), stories with tension and darkness without becoming overwhelmingly dark, and lots of awesome action scenes. Someone make this happen. If I had the money, I would. Maybe I should start playing the lottery.

TL;DR: The Immortals series is good read it.

Stay magical readers!

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