Katie Eats: Piccolo Cafe (NYC)

I went to visit my boyfriend in NYC last week assuming we would have lots of adventures that I would come home and blog about. Instead, we ended up having a quieter, lazy weekend, which was perfect. We may not have visited any big NYC sites (not entirely true – we saw Times Square and rode on the Macy’s wooden escalators, but that’s only because those are both only a few blocks from my boyfriend’s apartment), but we did eat some good food!

Piccolo Cafe! Chosen because it was a very lazy short walk from my boyfriend’s place. And boy is it a good thing I don’t live that close to Piccolo Cafe or I’d be eating there every day. I only had my iphone’s camera and this was the best restaurant shot I managed to get:

Piccolo Cafe

The interior was small, but very cute. Lots of reclaimed wood and there was an old sink being used as a planter. I wish I had gotten a picture of it.

I had the fettuccine with a tomato basil sauce and parmesan cheese. It was amazing.

Piccolo Cafe

I have fantasized about this pasta at least once a day since we ate at Piccolo. I’m not a big enough foodie to know whether or not the pasta was fresh made and if that’s why it tasted so much more amazing than normal pasta (and I eat pasta a lot – after all, I did live in Italy for three years and you don’t come out of that not loving pasta). Or that they were generous with the real parmesan cheese. Or that the sauce was so good that I was using the roll they included to sop up the remainder. But wow was this pasta good. I wonder if my boyfriend can mail me some…

The great news is that there are apparently multiple locations for Piccolo and they cater so now I have my nonexistent wedding menu planned: http://piccolocafe.us/

Stay magical readers!

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