That Time I Met Bill Nye

Last week I had the opportunity to see Bill Nye (The Science Guy)! As someone who not only grew up watching Bill Nye in science classes as a kid, but also still thinks Bill Nye is really cool now that I’m older and know more about his environmental stances, I was pretty pumped!

The crowd was pretty big. There were 200 chairs and standing room. We decided to skip sitting and stand in the already forming line for the book signing.


His speech was short, as the event was primarily meant to be a book signing, but still entertaining.


The line moved really quickly, which was great when we were waiting but not so great when we actually got up to meet Bill. I barely had time to say hi and take a picture (and he was done signing my book before I had even gotten to him). There were a lot of people to get through, so I understand that the bookstore employees had to keep the line moving, but I would have been willing to wait longer if it meant I had more than a few seconds to talk to Bill Nye.

In future, I’m going to try to always write a note telling the person that I think they’re cool and thank you so that if I don’t have time to tell them face to face, at least the message still gets across. Hopefully that will also mean I feel less pressure to get the words out perfectly. I wanted to say something but all that came to mind at the time was “You’re so cool”. Which is true, but didn’t feel like the most mature way to express myself and in my struggle to think of something better to say my time was up.


I haven’t read his book yet, but it’s on my list and I can’t wait!


Stay magical readers!

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