CARE Corner: Pita

Recently I started volunteering with CARE – Chatham Animal Rescue and Education (local to the Chapel Hill, NC area), to take updated photos of their adoptable kitties for them to replace blurry or unflattering pictures. It’s a win-win, because I get to work on my photography skills while hopefully helping pets find homes.

I wanted to introduce you to a special cat: Pita.


Pita is not only a stunning cat (she’s a beautiful mix of tabby and calico), but she is incredibly sweet. I wasn’t a stranger for long when I met her, because she immediately snuggled up and started purring. Pita is 9 years old, spayed, and up to date on her shots.

Currently, Pita is in a foster home. She has had two owners and both times has been given away because of new boyfriends with cat allergies. From her foster mom:

“Pita is just about the perfect cat. She is a gorgeous cuddle mate that would be the perfect fit to anyone who wants a chill lap cat to just hang out with them during the day. She is a big boned kitty and is working on shedding some pounds. Her diet is pretty normal, just cutting back how much she eats a day and exercising with her string of costume pearls (yes she is quite glamorous)! She has no problem cleaning herself, and if she is feeling generous, she’ll help you out with your bath too. She begins to purr at the sight of her brush and swoons when you scratch under her ears and chin. She may be cool at first, but all she needs is some snuggles and a soft bed and she will be your best friend for life!”

Do you live in the Chapel Hill area? Do you think you could be Pita’s forever home? Visit CARE’s website for more information about cat adoption.


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