Dream Cosplays

Now that I’m learning to sew, my imagination is running wild with the possibilities. I know my limitations, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about what cosplays I might have the skill to make some day. Thus, here are my dream cosplays, and then a few that I might actually attempt.

Topping my list, this stunning ballgown from Cinderella. There are just no words, it’s amazing.


That said, this gown is way beyond my skills at the moment. It involves a corset and intense boning, plus a lot of big layers with lots of fabric. I have yet to see a cosplay of this that I felt was a really accurate replica. None of the cosplays I have seen have used enough fabric in the skirt, nor made the skirt as big as the proportions in the movie (always get enough fabric! Nothing makes a costume look skimpier than not using enough fabric), and a lot of the ones I’ve seen had bodices where the fabric doesn’t like flat. That said, I don’t have the costuming know how to make a cosplay of this myself either so… one day!

Another one from Cinderella. The dresses were just so pretty. This whole movie is pretty, I just want to live in a world as beautiful as this one was.


If it weren’t for the gathering on the front of the bodice, this dress would be not crazy hard to replicate from a 1700s pattern. Finding the right fabric would also be difficult because the pattern is printed on rather than embroidered (which could be copied, although taking a great deal of time). Still, a girl can dream…

Rapunzel made my dreams come true when I had the chance to work for Disneyworld earlier this year.


I would love to make a Rapunzel cosplay for myself. It would involve a lot of pattern drafting and probably making fabric on spoonflower and embroidering to get the right fabric. I’ve already found a wig I like but this would be a costly and complicated cosplay.

Anna and Elsa from Frozen, yes both of them.


My mum got the fabric to make me an Elsa cosplay, so as this is a case of wanting one rather than necessarily wanting to make one. If she finishes that one, then I’ll just make Anna. I also want to make Anna’s coronation dress.

Charlotte La Bouff from Princess and the Frog is hilarious and has good taste in dresses.


This is another huge ballgown and as it’s strapless would necessitate intense boning.

I like Cinderella fine, but she was never my favorite princess so it’s funny how much she’s grown on me and that she makes this list three times.


I think there would be a lot of room for me to personalize a Cinderella ballgown so I think this one could be fun. Plus with the right pattern, this one would probably be doable for me.

I never loved Princess Aurora’s dress in her movie, but I really like the version she wears at Disneyworld.


I’ve seen a fabric at Jo-Anns that would be a good substitute for the bodice fabric, although blue, so this one is a possibility.

Continuing my obvious love of Disney, Belle’s blue dress.


This is another one that with the right pattern, would be doable. We already have the fabric for it too, so that’s a plus.



I just like this one, and I’ve always had an affinity for Alice.

Jane’s ballgown from the 2005 Pride and Prejudice is simple yet pretty.


It’s a simple enough style that I could probably actually make this one if I could find a pattern that worked. I’m interested in making a regency gown so this could be a good fit.

This post could go on and on because I love costumes, but this is a good start! It doesn’t even include the time periods I’d like to make historical costumes from and the original designs I might come up with. It’ll be interesting to see which, if any, of these I make before the end of 2016.

Stay magical readers!

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