Snow White Costume

This costume was technically finished before the end of 2015, and therefore doesn’t count toward my resolutions but I still wanted to share it because this is the first major sewing project I’ve completed. As I mentioned on my list of resolutions, I have a basic grasp of how to sew, and a theoretical knowledge of sewing that is greater than my practical knowledge from years spent watching my mum sew.


The story of this costume begins a couple months ago when I was still in Florida and decided, in a fit of wanting to accomplish something, that I was going to sew a costume. I settled on something Disney, and then decided to make the costume for my young cousin because I figured that because she is physically smaller that I’d have to buy slightly less fabric (less $$). In hindsight, I doubt that it made that much of a difference and I kind of wish I had just gone ahead and made it for me, but I’m sure my cousin will appreciate it.

Snow White was chosen because A) there was a pattern in the store for it and B) because the Jo-Ann’s I was at had a weirdly limited selection of fabrics but they had stuff that would work for Snow White.

Jemma Jinx “helping”

The week I bought the fabric I sat down with the intention of making the dress and got through cutting on the fabric for the bodice and sewing some darts in before being bested by the sleeves and giving up (that’s what happens when you try to alter the pattern without knowing what you’re doing, good job me).

Then, last week, I decided I really wanted to try sewing something and since I had all this fabric ready it was perfect. The pattern I used was Simplicity 2817, and despite my initial struggles, I did end up making some alterations to it.


The pattern was pretty easy to follow. You can see some of the changes I made in the design below. Instead of cutting little teardrop shapes for the sleeves, I opted to sew ribbon on instead. I also used some trim we had around instead of piping for the stripe down the bodice and made my cape red (like it actually is?? Why would you make it blue that’s wrong??) rather than blue like the pattern. I also didn’t line the cape because I didn’t have enough fabric and didn’t think my cousin would care enough that I wanted to bother to go get more.


I love the lace I found to edge the sleeves. It has little hearts in it. My only complainant is that I didn’t check the amount on the spool as carefully as I should have and didn’t have enough to also edge the neckline.


I was able to do almost the entire thing by myself, but ultimately my mum had to show me how to put in the zipper. She also showed me how to do a basting stitch for gathering the skirt (I had hand gathered it, which didn’t look even), so I redid that to make it look smoother.


I cut out and sewed trim on a collar before deciding I didn’t want to bother with it. My cousin will be using this to play dress up in, she’s not looking for something screen accurate and a collar just seems like it would ultimately be in the way for playing.

I’m pretty pleased with it, especially since it’s the first “real” thing I’ve ever sewn, (if you don’t count a few pillowcases, skirt hems, etc.), first time following a pattern, and first time sewing something almost entirely on my own. I also got to see all three Back to the Future movies for the first time because there was a marathon on when I was sewing, so that’s a plus.


Yes Jemma Jinx, thank you for all your help sitting on the fabric I needed and tearing up my pattern.

Stay magical readers!

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