Christmas Belle Pictures

My Christmas Belle dress is done!



This dress ended up being far more complicated than we anticipated. So complicated that even my mum, who has been sewing for 35+ years (amazing given she’s obviously only 30), found it a challenge. In hindsight, an easier project would have been a better choice, but I learned so much from making this dress and I’m really proud of it.


For reference again, here’s the cartoon version:


Mine has a few different details – I changed the shape of the bodice, the color of the butt bow (I made mine gold like the park dress because it shows up better against red than, well, other red), and I didn’t do gold ribbon around the elbows of the sleeves and the top of the stomacher. That last one I might add at some point but who knows.


I didn’t do Belle’s movie hair. I tried for something like the parks Belle hair but my hair is, obviously, not as thick as a styled wig so it doesn’t look much like Belle’s. Right now I don’t have plans to get a wig for this costume, but I also don’t have any plans to show it off anywhere yet, so that may change later.



Comparison to the parks version (photo by mydisneyglitch)


There are some major differences, but they were going for a strict film interpretation whereas I was going for a vaguely more historical and what fabric do we already have in our stash version. I prefer the fabrics I used, because the velvet used in the parks dress always photographs with kind of a weird shine to it, but then again the fabric of my dress photographed more orange than it is (it’s more cranberry), so maybe the parks dress isn’t as shiny in person.


The skirt has six yards of fabric in the over-skirt. Aka so much that I learned how to do cartridge pleats (oooh fancy)! It’s worn over a hoop skirt that has sort of a tulle petticoat over it. I’m not sure how big the hoop skirt is, but it’s the smaller of the few we have.



Jemma Jinx was willing to play the Beast for me. She’s not really quite fearsome enough, but we’re working on it.


The total cost of this dress was under ten dollars. The only things we had to buy were the zipper and the bias tape we used on the underside bottom edge of the skirt.

I’m not sure what my next costume project will be, but my next overall project is decorating my classroom! That’s right, I started my new job and I get my own classroom! This is what dreams are made of.

Stay magical readers!

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