My Classroom

Ready for a virtual tour of my classroom? Of course you are!

(All the photos are a little blurry because I took them with my phone).

You enter the room and the door is covered in travel posters for fictional book locations like Wonderland and Oz that I found online. My plan for my classes is to really focus on how through books you can travel, so I wanted my door decor to tie into that.


I have a Tardis. Not only because I’m a huge Doctor Who fan but because with my younger students, my friend the Doctor (a time traveling alien) is going to leave us a basket every week or two with artifacts and books from other places so we can explore other countries and cultures.


Very blurry view of the main classroom. I’ve got table space for everyone, but with my older students we push the tables out of the way and sit in a circle of chairs so we can have discussions. The yellow bulletin board asks kids to write book reviews that they can put up for their classmates to see.

Since this picture was taken, I’ve moved the two desks against the wall to be more useful. One is now over in the reading nook to hold a globe I found.


This is the reading corner. It’s got a rocking chair I can read to the kids from, plus lots of books in easy to read bins. Strung across the top of the whiteboard is a triangle banner where each triangle has a book cover. Behind the rocking chair is a signpost with signs to fictional book places. The rug I got for $10 at Walmart and helps warm the area up while helping to establish that corner as a coherent place.

The quote on the wall opposite the door (which you can see a bit of in the right upper hand corner) was there when I got the room and is by Dr. Seuss. “The more you read, the more you will know, the more you know, the more places you’ll go!” The go was missing so I improvised out of paper.


Continuing our theme of books allowing you to travel, this bulletin board has two maps. As kids read books from other places they can add the book to the maps. The quote is by G. R. R. Martin.


By the Tardis and the door I put up a piece of tape with different animals and mythological creatures’ heights so the students can see how they measure up. Hagrid is off the chart he’s so tall.


There’s also a sink against the wall with the door, but I haven’t decorated that much beyond putting a bunch of books on the shelf that’s above it, so there’s no picture of that.

My room is the coldest place on Earth. If you step from the hallway into my classroom you can actually feel the temperature drop. Anyone have suggestions for how I could warm it up (as I don’t seem to have any heating vents??)? I’m a little tired of wearing four layers and still being cold.

I’m really excited to start real classes tomorrow (if the snow doesn’t cancel school again), so we can start our unit on Greek myths!

Stay magical readers!

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