Clarke Griffin Cosplay

Any The 100 fans in the house? Because I love it.

Last season, when I was watching I noticed Clarke had a jacket that looked really familiar.


Like in my closet familiar.



I’ve been wanting to do a closet cosplay of Clarke Griffin for a while, but after watching this week’s episode I asked myself why I kept putting it off. There was no good answer, so I got the pieces together and headed outside to get some photos.

The 48


Obviously, it’s not a perfect cosplay. I just used whatever I had in my closet that was closest to what she was wearing. That said, I’m really happy I finally went ahead and did this. Clarke is such a great character and I mean, I had a jacket that was so close to the one she was wearing…

Can we talk about how cool Clarke is? How cool The 100 is? Why aren’t more people watching this amazing show??


Admittedly, the biggest flaw in my cosplay is that the characters on The 100 are always dirty and beaten up and I was not. A little photoshop helped there:


Stay magical readers!

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2 thoughts on “Clarke Griffin Cosplay

  1. Not a The 100 fan, mostly because there are so many other shows that have captured my undying love and attention (Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, etc), but cosplay is so much fun, and it looks like you’re really enjoying yourself!

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