Disney Race Weekend

Hello internet dwellers, it’s been a while, but what can I say, I’ve been busy. This past weekend I flew to Florida to participate in the Disney Princess Race weekend.


The first race I was signed up for was the Enchanted 10k (I signed up for the Glass Slipper challenge where you run the 10K and the Half Marathon). My mum gets a huge shout out here. In order to get to the race in time, I had to get on a bus at 3:30. My mum, being a wonderful person, got up with me and came so I wouldn’t have to spend several hours before the race by myself in the cold and so I could have someone cheering me on. (Shout out to my dad too for coming to Florida to support me, even if getting up at 2:50 in the morning isn’t his style).


Also courtesy of my mother is my wonderful Rapunzel running outfit. She custom designed the fabric and sewed it because she is the most talented person I know.


Guess who I found before the race! My girl Punzie. It was so nice to see an old friend, and the big hug was exactly what I needed to help calm my nerves.


Along the race route there were photo ops. I only stopped at one, the one with Tink and her friends, because I love the fairies and Tink’s friends don’t hang out in the parks anymore. Can we talk about how trippy it is to get a photo taken with Disney characters on the median of a highway? Because it was. But it was also cool.


I’m really proud of how well I was able to do. I ran the entire way, only stopping for the fairies photo and slowing down twice for water. My tracker says I ran the race in 1 hour and 16 minutes, but the fairy meet and greet had a ten minute wait, so my time is somewhere in there. Either way, I ran the whole thing even though I had told myself it was okay to walk, so I’m really proud that my endurance is still pretty good.

Here’s me, almost at the finish line.


I like the way medals look on me.


Now comes the bittersweet part of the post. Remember how I spent three months in physical therapy at the end of last year? Well that happened. I had signed up and paid for the races before my knees got hurt and I was determined to at least be at the starting line. The fact that I finished the 10k is amazing considering how bad my knees were.

After the 10k, my legs hurt really badly. I was determined to go through with the half marathon if at all possible, so I took some advil and told myself I would see how I felt the morning of the race. On Sunday morning, it was obvious I would not be running in the half marathon, I could barely walk my legs hurt so badly. Being the kind of person I am, I still got dressed (in my Elsa running outfit by my mum) and did my hair and makeup, hobbling all the while, before admitting that the race was not going to happen for me. I’m incredibly grateful to Brennen for being so supportive and helping me accept that I needed to listen to my body and not risk further injury.

I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to run in the half marathon, but at the same time I am proud of what I did accomplish – I ran a whole 10K! That’s the furthest I’ve ever run and none of us were sure I would even be able to do that given how recently I was in PT. But that didn’t make it any easier to see everyone walking around with their half marathon and glass slipper challenge medals.


I’m still really sore, and I’m not sure that I’ve ever been so exhausted, but the weekend was a blast. Guys, I RAN A 10K! And there’s always next year for the Princess Half Marathon.

Stay magical readers!

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