Katie Reads: Postcards from France

We’ve just started France and fairy tales in my classes, so I was doing my usual sweep of the school’s library to find some relevant reading material when I stumbled across Megan McNeill Libby’s Postcards from France. It was mis-shelved, but don’t hold that against it.


This rare gem of a book is a teenage girl’s witty, warm, and insightful memoir of a year in France. With a quality that is both innocent and wise, high-school junior Megan Libby shares her delightful journey of discovery in a strange country, learning a strange language, and coming of age in the most magical of places.For readers of all ages, this endearing collection of travel essays will delight lovers of French culture and fans of Peter Mayle’s mega-bestseller, “A Year in Provence.”

I devoured Eat, Pray, Love multiple winters in a row during college (cold winters have me craving the warmth of Italy, India, and Indonesia), so I figured this would be a sure hit with me. This was a breezy, short book and nice to read right before bed. My only complaint is that it was almost too short and breezy. The author had an extraordinary experience living abroad in France, and I wish we had gotten more details. The ones we did get were tantalizing, if maybe not to the depth I wanted. The chapter about the French and their dogs was hilarious, and all her sentiments of homesickness and culture shock were spot on.

But more, I wanted more! Anyone have any suggestions for books like this or Eat, Pray, Love? A memoir of sorts where the author goes somewhere fun and exotic.

Stay magical readers!

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