Resolutions Update Feb 2016

Can you believe it’s already March? The time is just flying by! Another month, another look at my New Year’s resolutions:

Learn to Sew

I started a Merida cosplay and got pretty close to finishing before I got frustrated. The pattern and the fact I made some alterations made the design just a little too difficult for my skill level. I started a new project, and now I’m working on Belle from Once Upon a Time. This one is going a little smoother and I even ordered a wig so I could do the cosplay properly, so keep your fingers crossed for me that this one works.


Write my Novel

I have done exactly nothing on this. Partially this is because teachers never stop working – I’m always thinking about class ideas and planning stuff for my students to do and learn. Buuuut also I just need to buckle down and work on this. Hopefully March is my month!

Exercise/ Train for the Princess Half-Marathon!

I wrote a post about this! I did it! Sort of. I didn’t run the half marathon because of my knees, but I did run the 10K! Read more about it here.




I went to Florida! Yes it was for the Half Marathon weekend, but I still had a ton of fun and have lots to write about. Which hasn’t happened yet (another thing on the to-do list). I’m also brainstorming cool places that I could go for Spring Break.

It’s almost not travel since I lived there for so long, but I’ll be in Richmond for a weekend to take engagement photos for my friend Jennyfer (!!!!!!). I’m honored that she asked me, and also super pumped to cross take someone’s engagement photos off my life list.


I did lots of reading this month (only some of which got blogged about) and I’d like to think that I’ve done a good job keeping my classes fun and exciting for the kids. In the future I’m hoping to get more done on my writing, but otherwise I think that I did okay on my resolutions this month.

How is everyone else doing on their resolutions?

Stay magical readers!

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