Belle Cosplay Update: Wig!

Hey, you guys remember how I made Belle’s Christmas dress and now I’m working on Belle from Once Upon a Time? My wig arrived!!


Things I learned today: I don’t make a very good brunette. It washes me out. In this picture I’m wearing my normal amount of blush and it looks like I’m not wearing any. I even did a quick job coloring in my eyebrows for the pictures, because pale blonde eyebrows don’t look too weird with blonde hair but they do with brown hair. Luckily make up exists so when I wear my Belle cosplay I’ll just know to use more.

Originally I said that I didn’t think I was going to bother to buy a Belle wig. But then I started my second Belle cosplay and decided that if I was going to repeatedly sew Belle costumes that it might be worth it. I did a lot of looking around before selecting one, because I really wanted a brown wig that would be versatile enough to use for multiple characters.

I ordered it from fashionxover on ebay and I’m really pleased with it! It shipped really quickly and arrived ahead of schedule. It’s hard to tell in these super high res phone photos with great bathroom lighting /sarcasm/ but the coloring in the wig is really great in person and looks really natural.

Obviously it still needs to be styled and I have to trim the lace. And buy wig tape or wig glue. I don’t actually know how to use such things, I’ll have to read up on them.

Have another photo that shows the length of the wig but is oddly magenta colored (woohoo not editing photos before posting them).


Overall impressions: Yay wig! I look strange as a brunette!

Stay magical readers!

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