Belle Cosplay Update: Bodice

I have pictures of the fabric pre-dye job, but they’re on my phone and I’m lazy, so instead picture the fabric you see in the pictures below, but lighter and a little brighter. The fabric had a good texture to it, was almost the right color, and Jo-Anns was closing in 15 minutes. So we bought it and a pack of dark blue dye and called it a day.


My mum, the costume guru, told me to use tea bags in addition to the dye to help dampen the brightness of the fabric and make it closer to the color of Belle’s dress on Once Upon a Time.


As you can see in this clearly not stage photo, we were watching Once Upon a Time while I worked on this. We bought a copy of the Once Upon a Time book too and its been very useful to have a physical picture of the costume to refer to.

I followed Simplicity’s 5582 pattern for the bodice. My mum helped me make the neckline slightly more heart shaped and the bottom point more rounded, but otherwise the pattern was pretty close!


For the edging, we could have used bias tape, but in the pictures it is clear that the edging on Belle’s bodice is suede or something similar. So my mum taught me how to make bias tape! Learning new sewing skills! Woo!


Harry Potter helped by sitting on the fabric. Isn’t he a cutie? DSC_0703

There were lots of steps that happened between the pictures above and this one that involve the sewing and the putting in of grommets, but here is the finished product! The picture makes the bodice look a lot brighter than it does in real life. I’m really pleased with it. Eagle eyed readers will notice that the seams on the front of the bodice aren’t exactly the same as the costume on the show, but *hand waves*  they’re close enough for this girl! Guys, I made a thing!!!DSC_0720

Next up, the skirt! I’m still looking for the right white eyelet to make the shirt out of.

Stay magical readers!

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