Have you ever heard of Sugarland? Until recently I hadn’t either (but apparently the rest of the world has because they’ve been featured on the Food Network among others). That is, until their cupcakes invaded my dreams. Recently my mum and I were dropping by to visit my brother on campus and along the way we decided to stop at nearby Sugarland Bakery/ Gelato Shop/ Heaven. We happened to stop by on a Monday when Sugarland just so happens sells its Samoa Scouts.

Now I don’t normally crave cupcakes. I like them fine, but I just don’t normally crave them.

That’s all changed thanks to Sugarland.

All the cupcakes I’ve tried from Sugarland have been great, but the Samoa Scouts. Omg. Samoa Scouts are a carmelly gooey, chocolaty mess of amazingness.We only bought one the first night and split it. MISTAKE. I went back that weekend to try to buy more, but they only sell Samoa Scouts on Mondays. AND THEY JUST HAPPENED TO BE CLOSED THE FOLLOWING MONDAY. Now, two weeks later, my time had finally come. I had a literal dream about these cupcakes, that’s how bad a craving this was.

We bought six this time, plus four in various other flavors. Guys, I skipped the gym and drove half an hour to get these cupcakes.

Feast your eyes on my pixelly phone photo:


In case you can’t feel the awesomeness radiating off this picture, try this one with gold foil lettering:


Tonight I will sleep peacefully for the first time in two weeks, no cupcakes haunting my dreams.

Stay magical readers!

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