The Cat Formerly Known as Fluffy

Aka Jemma Jinx. I’ve been wanting post a photo comparison for a while, because it’s ridiculous. This is one of those super important life changing posts, pay close attention. Just kidding, it’s a post about my cat, who I’m pretty crazy about, but it’s still just a post about a cat.

Anyway, this is my cat when I first got her in August.


And this is my cat in January (but honestly she looked like this starting about a month and a half after I got her).


It’s like looking at two different cats.

I wish to issue a formal apology to JJ’s former owners, who I criticized upon adopting JJ for naming her “Fluffy”, because I had never seen a less fluffy cat in my life. Little did I know I was adopting a cat that would become half fluff.

How does a cat change so much so quickly?? She was two when I got her, going on three. She wasn’t a kitten who was still changing. I guess love and too much food but wow.

Jemma Jinx is still a nut. She’s full of energy and could have been the inspiration for the phrase “curiosity killed the cat”. Whenever I leave a room for more than a few minutes she gets up to find me. At night she sleeps at the end of my bed, and when I wake up (inevitably a few minutes before my alarm) she wakes up too and comes up so we can cuddle before I really get up. She sits on the bathroom counter while I do my hair and makeup and follows me back to my room to sit with me while I change. When I get home from work I see her sitting in the window watching for me and she runs to the door to greet me. Right now she’s sleeping on the sofa right next to me.

I can’t imagine why someone gave up such a sweet kitty, but now she’s all mine and she doesn’t need to worry cause I’m not sure where I’m going but wherever I go, she’ll be going too.

Stay magical readers!

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