My Not A Date

Also known as how do adults make friends???

I live at home. I have since I moved back from Florida, and I love it. I’ve always gotten along really well with my parents, I like the triangle area, and the rent is free, so there’s really not much to complain about. Except that I had no friends. And before this sounds like a pity party for one, let me clarify: no friends in state. North Carolina is not where I grew up (well, no where is really, we moved a lot), and it isn’t where I went to college, so I have no childhood or college friends to hang out with.

And it easily could have stayed that way. I have cats, and my parents to talk to. I figured I was mostly set. Okay, I knew I wasn’t. I wanted friends, but making friends is hard. And making friends as an adult is near impossible. Sitting on my laptop and not talking to strangers is much easier.

Then I got a job, and that’s where I met Sara. Sara is a teacher about my age who impressed me right off the bat with her Harry Potter and Doctor Who knowledge. We clearly had a lot in common, but it took two and a half months before we finally hung out outside of work. At which time we agreed that making friends as adults is awkward, because no matter how you phrase it and no matter how obviously you are asking as a friend (she has a fiance, and I have a boyfriend), asking someone to hang out for the first time inevitably sounds like a date: “Hey, want to grab lunch or dinner some time?”

Our first friend date (Brennen joked that I was going on a date when I told him I was nervous, and Sara later told me her fiance cracked a similar joke) went well. We ate brunch at The Top of the Hill in Chapel Hill. I had the Bananas Foster French Toast and it was amazing (although I have no pictures to share because is it acceptable to admit you take pictures of your food on the first not a date? You want to make a good first impression after all).

I committed a not a date faux paus by not calling within three days of our not a date, but I think things are chill because we hung out again yesterday and it turned into an almost 10 hour affair (both our boys made the joke that “the first date must have gone well if you have a second one”). I got to try two more area restaurants: Rise Donuts and Biscuits and Armadillo Grill – both tasty, and Rise had Cheerwine donuts!!! Sara also introduced me to some of her and her fiance’s friends, and I introduced her to High School Musical 1 and 2 (sadly not 3 because it’s not on Netflix, *insert Troy Bolton level emo song here*).

Long story short, I think I’ve made an adult friend! And guys, she’s cool!

Stay magical readers!

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