Resolutions March 2016 Update

March has come and gone, and it’s time to review how my resolutions are going once more:

Learn to Sew

I’m still working on my Once Upon a Time Belle costume. The bodice is done and I’ve started the skirt.


My mum and I went to the John Hancock closing sale and bought a ton of fabric. I now have fabric for my Cinderella costume and fabric to make a couple of fun skirts, so those will be my next projects once Belle is done.

I’m also costuming my school’s production of High School Musical, although for the most part I’m thrift shopping to get the pieces for that instead of sewing them.

Write my Novel

Like last month I wrote a minuscule amount. So progress, but not a lot. I did do a lot of editing of my students’ work though, which we’re compiling into a book.


Some, but nothing remarkable. I’m no longer training for a half-marathon so this goal is less exciting and more routine.


I did lots of traveling this month! Earlier in the month I traveled to Richmond, VA to take engagement photos for my friend Jennyfer. For Spring Break (working at a school means Spring Break wooooo), I visited both Charleston, SC and NYC. Posts to follow on both of them. Probably.

Even though I didn’t make impressive progress on any of my New Year’s Resolutions, I did get a lot done this month:

  • Went back to using a planner and calendar, thus returning to being a mostly organized person.
  • Began organizing my room by getting a necklace rack and a belt rack (yes, these are small achievements, but we celebrate small achievements on this blog).
  • Wrote lots of blog posts.
  • Read lots of books.
  • Made a real adult life friend.
  • Knocked a goal off my life list by taking engagement photos!!
  • Accomplished my middle school dream of being a cheerleader by cheering at the parent/ teacher vs. student basketball game at my school.
  • Put together a binder of all the assignments and projects I’ve done in my classes, with student samples!
  • Finished Gilmore Girls.

Let’s go April!!

Stay magical readers!

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