Middleton Place – Charleston, SC

Last weekend my parents and I headed to Charleston, SC. Jemma Jinx made it hard to go. She saw the suitcase and wanted to come too.


It rained for two days, but on our last day the sun came out and we headed to the beautiful Middleton Place. The main houses burned down during the Civil War (I think?), but we toured the remaining house. It was nice, but not as nice as the grounds. My favorite thing on the tour was this series of drawings that a woman named Virginia drew as a thank you to the family during the 1930s (?) for her trip to visit them at Middleton. Sadly there were no pictures allowed in the house and I can’t find copies online.


Look how pastoral. There were sheep frolicking on the front green.

I have a new goal of being rich enough someday to have a gorgeous garden. One of the guides told us that the gardens were inspired by Versailles and I believe it.


The flowers were all in bloom and the weather was amazing.


Check out that Spanish Moss.



We found alligators! They were small and scared of me which I found out when I got closer than five feet to take a distance selfie and they moved away. Sorry alligator dude.



And there was a peacock.



I tried to be his friend, but he wasn’t so sure if he wanted that. DSC00389

The horses were more obliging.


I don’t have a good picture of it, but we ate lunch at the restaurant on property. It was buffet style and mostly just okay, except for the fried chicken which was actually some of the best fried chicken I have ever had wow.


I wasn’t super impressed with Charleston the town (to be fair though it was raining the whole time so that’s not really Charleston’s fault), but man were the big houses and their gardens outside the city worth waiting through the rain for.

Stay magical readers!

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