Rainy Charleston, SC

Over Spring Break my parents and I visited Charleston, South Carolina. It rained the first two days so my view looked mostly like this:

Charleston, SC

Or like this if we were on a tour bus: Charleston, SC

That didn’t stop us from looking around. One of the places we spent some time was the Charleston City Market.

Charleston, SC

Makes sense to travel and take photos of people’s pets and not local stuff. Good call past Katie. Charleston, SC

The market had a really interesting mix of things…

Charleston, SC Charleston, SC Charleston, SC

If I had $400 extra dollars this lamp would be mine. Anyone want to sponsor buying it for me? No? Charleston, SC

We did buy one of these mini hot air balloons to hang on our Christmas tree (we hang ornaments and key chains from places we visit).

Charleston, SC Charleston, SC

Ben and Jerry’s! I consumed many a pint during college, and still do.

Charleston, SC

Brennen still hasn’t decorated his apartment, maybe I should have gotten him this:

Charleston, SC

I need, but also really don’t need a replicate of Duchess Kate’s engagement ring. Talk about stunning.

Charleston, SC

Of course, it didn’t rain constantly while we were there (see my previous post about Middleton Place aka the place I’m going to secretly become a hermit in the gardens of), and when it wasn’t raining I got some of my favorite shots of the trip.

Charleston, SC

I love this one best.

Charleston, SC

Stay magical readers!

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