Resolutions April Update

More like an April recap because let’s be honest, I didn’t do almost anything related to my resolutions. A whole month and it feels like I accomplished very little, but that’s not entirely true because here’s what I did do:

Went to NYC to visit Brennen and saw the Met.

April 2016

Went to the Quidditch World Cup. April 2016

Became the proud joint owner of a polaroid camera for $3. (Note: still have not gotten around to checking out the price of film).

April 2016

Ate some really good food. April 2016

Visited the Duke Gardens and stalked a wedding party.

April 2016

Had the best students in the world. April 2016

I also:

  • Read a lot of books.
  • Bought costumes for our school’s musical (High School Musical what what).
  • Played with my cats.
  • Went to the gym.
  • Cleaned my room (and promptly got it messy again).
  • Went crazy at a stationary store sale (of course I need a custom embosser, who doesn’t).
  • Started reading A Midsummer Night’s Dream with my Book Club class.
  • Started Harry Potter with my middle schoolers (only 2 kids had read it before and they’re loving it!)
  • Took a lot of naps.
  • Finally caved and ordered a new phone (my phone of 6 years had an unfortunate water related death), but it won’t be here for a few weeks.
  • Led a fact based pirate treasure hunt.
  • Ate a lot of cupcakes.

What did you do this April?

Stay magical readers!


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