My hair had gotten real long. Too long.

HaircutYay weird overhead lighting.

I’m really fortunate that my hair grows quickly and grows long well. I’ve had waist/ hip length hair multiple times and I love having long hair. But sometimes it’s time for a change.


And why not a change that helps others?


I’ve never donated hair before, but when I started thinking about getting my hair cut it felt like the right thing to do. My hair grows and grows really quickly, so why not use that to help someone else? Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program isn’t as well known as Locks of Love, but it seemed like a better fit for me.

First, Pantene will accept donations starting at 8″, but Locks of Love starts at 10″ and the amount I was planning to chop was closer to 8″. Locks of Love accepts shorter donations, but they will be sold to offset costs. The wigs Pantene makes are free to any woman who has suffered hair loss related to cancer. Locks of Love wigs are sold based on a sliding scale according to the recipient’s income. I understand that it’s necessary to offset manufacturing costs, but I was more comfortable with the idea of donating to an organization that would give free wigs to people in need. (One thing that might be a plus to some is that Locks of Love accepts colored hair as long as it hasn’t been bleached. I’ve never dyed my hair so it was a nonissue with me, but useful to know for others who might be interested in donating).

Coincidentally, this arrived today! I’m costuming my school’s production of High School Musical. After one of our Sharpays (the show is double cast) chopped her hair into a boy cut (cute but not really Sharpay), I decided to indulge and help our Sharpays go blonde.


Stay magical readers!

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