I Went to a Wedding…

…and accidentally became the official photographer.


There will be a longer, more comprehensive post on this topic at some point (possibly after I’ve finished sorting the 5,000 photos), because what I HAVE OFFICIALLY BEEN A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER???? THAT HAPPENED LIKE FOR REAL. I mean *cough* it’s fine I’m not freaking out.

But for tonight, we’ll focus on a different aspect of the wedding, and frankly the more important one, my friend Jennyfer is married!! And I got to go with the koolest kats of them all:


That’s right. Kassie and Casey looking like they’re about to drop the newest hit rap album of 2016. Below, me not looking like I could drop a rap album (although my students know otherwise. I can rap “White and Nerdy” with the best of them).


Jenn looked amazing and the wedding was so beautiful. Her dad built that dance floor. Because some people are casually really talented. After the sun starting setting the weather was amazing too.


I had to take a selfie with the bride. As the person taking all the photos, I wasn’t positive I’d get one with her otherwise.


If you hadn’t guessed, we had a blast. We were also exhausted after because that happens when you dance for many hours, run around taking photos, and stuff yourself with bbq and taco bar.


Here’s to Jenn and Ted! May they have many years of happiness. And may it not take me that long to edit all the photos.


Stay magical readers!

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