The End of the School Year

I knew it was coming, but I still wasn’t prepared. The last day of school for students was yesterday. All that’s left now is a handful of teacher work days when I’ll clean out my classroom.

I wish I could post 8 million photos of my kids, but privacy is important. Trust me they’re adorable.

I can’t believe I only met these kids six months ago, because I love each and every one of them. Saying goodbye yesterday was so hard, but I kept it together and didn’t cry in front of them (it was close though when I was hugging some kids who aren’t coming back next year). I don’t even know for sure that I get to come back yet, but fingers crossed.

Oh yeah we played Quidditch. There will probably be a post about it.


We did so many amazing, fun things, and watching the students grow over the semester made me so proud.


My students are the absolute sweetest. I can’t even count the number of letters and pictures and hugs I got over the semester, and I will treasure all of the gifts (and possibly pull them out during this summer and cry while eating ice cream, it’s fine).

I ran out of wall space to display notes. My upper desk drawer was filled with them too.


I don’t know how I’m going to cope this summer. My ego must have grown three sizes while working as a teacher. Each kid is the most amazing little person and for some reason they think I’m cool. There’s a lot of responsibility to be a good example, but it pushes me to try to be the best person I can be because I don’t want to let them down. I was honored when students came to me to chat about their lives or trusted me to talk about problems they were having or even just came to hang out in my room.


I was always so surprised at how the kids would go above and beyond the requirements for assignments with just a little encouragement. My classes weren’t graded (except Book Club which was pass/ fail ooooh), so the only incentive for kids to do well in my classes was if they wanted to do well. And overwhelmingly they did. Not only did they complete the assignments, but they showed extreme creativity and excitement over learning new things.


I also had the opportunity to get to know the kids outside of class. I went to games, participated in class events, and costumed the musical. These kids are the actual best. If I could hang out with them all the time, I would. If I had a million dollars I would take all of them to Disneyworld and it would actually be the best.

One of my students gave me this friendship bracelet on the last day of school. I’m wearing it forever. It’s rainbow. Rainbow goes with everything right?


I also lucked out in terms of co-workers. They are the sweetest, most welcoming people, and I’m lucky to call them friends.









That’s that. I’ve got lots of things to pack up in my classroom, lots of posts I want to write about assignments we did, and I haven’t entirely processed that it’s really over for now. I won’t know for sure whether or not I get to come back until later this summer when the school finds out its budget allocation. I can’t imagine not going back though.

I’m a TCK, or third culture kid, which means that I grew up overseas and moved every few years. From kindergarten to 12th grade I attended five different schools. I’ve lived in 5 countries and four different cities stateside. Despite this, I have never felt like I belonged as part of a community as much as I do here.


Stay magical readers!

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