Please Exit Through the Gift Shop

Hello blogosphere, it’s been quite a while! I promise I didn’t abandon you, I was simply very busy being a jetsetter! We just returned from England and Wales yesterday and I have lots to say about all our adventures. First though, the best part of any vacation: souvenirs! Or maybe not the best part, but the part that remains after all the fun is done.

So without further ado, a mini summary of our vacation through the examination of my purchases.


I apparently have a mug problem. I was vaguely aware of this (she muttered, knowing full well that she has 7 mugs decoratively sitting on her desk and a whole box in the basement), but it’s a lot harder to deny given that I bought four and lusted after many more during our roughly ten days in the UK. From the bottom right, we have a mug that looks like it should be a Disney princess but is not. This is from Kensington Palace and the princess depicted is Princess Charlotte as part of their historical princess line (which is such a cool idea). “Her Ladyship” comes from Number 1 Royal Crescent, a historical house in Bath. “The Duchess” comes from Blenheim Palace. I debated whether or not I needed a mug that was almost identical to “Her Ladyship”, but my parents are enablers who argued “but they’re different”! The mug in the bottom left corner says “You’re just my type” and has a typewriter. It’s also from Blenheim, but that’s not really the point. The point is that it’s a bad writing pun.

I also have a postcard problem, but I would argue it’s less of a problem because I buy postcards to send to friends. And by that I mean I buy two of the postcards I really like because I want copies too. Noteworthy cards include a picture of a stork with the phrase “In Da Library” for which I have no context (but purchased at the V&A), and some of the royal family because Will and Kate and their kids are #relationshipgoals.

In the bottom right hand corner you’ll find a small necklace with an enameled sparrow on it (from The Victoria and Albert museum. It could honestly just be from anywhere, but I have a thing about sparrows), and an ornament celebrating Queen E’s 90th birthday from Kensington Palace.

At the back of the picture, there is a Tardis bag from the Doctor Who Experience in Wales. We saw a traveling version in London five years ago (the exhibit not the bag) and it was okay, but the full experience in Wales was SO COOL. Next to it is a scarf with birds on it from the National Portrait Gallery.

Other things I’m addicted to: books. Under the mugs on the right we have Harry Potter 2 and 3 UK editions (the covers were so pretty I bought them in the airport. Never mind the fact I have multiple copies of these books hush you), and a book called “The Potion Diaries” that I have not read but that had a description that was too funny not to give a chance. Moving to the left, we have a book that’s entirely managed to hide behind the mug handle and the book in front of it. It’s a small slim volume called “The Art of Dating” (or something like that), that gives terrible laugh out loud dating advice accompanied by vintage pictures. In front of it you will see a book about broomstick care, which is notable because it illegally has my copyrighted art work on the front. Casual. Except it’s not. My artwork was all over the store and I was never paid for it lalala lawsuit pending but that’s another post. The last book is Doctor Who Time Lord Fairy tales, which is both gorgeous and has creepy stories.

Rounding out our souvenirs is a pretty tin of biscuits from Kensington Palace. I bought this with no interest in the biscuits, but because it clearly is part of a set that goes with the one I have from our visit to England 5 years ago and I am going to use them as decoration.

I also returned with lots of Pokemon from the UK but that’s another post (who else is obsessed with Pokemon Go??).

Anyone else do any traveling lately?

Stay magical readers!

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