Katie Reads: The Legends of River Song


‘Hello, sweetie!’

Melody Pond, Melody Malone, River Song…She has had many names. Whoever she really is, this archaeologist and time traveller has had more adventures (and got into more trouble) than most people in the universe.

And she’s written a lot of it down. Well, when you’re married to a Time Lord (or possibly not), you have to keep track of what you did and when. Especially as it may not actually have happened to both of you yet.

These are just a few of River Song’s exploits, extracted from her journals. Sometimes, she is with the Doctor. Sometimes she’s on her own. But wherever and whenever she may be, she is never far from danger and excitement.

This is just a tiny portion of her impossible life. But it will reveal more than you’ve ever known about the legend that is River Song.

Guys, if you don’t know this about me, I love River Song. She’s one of my favorite Doctor Who characters. I think she’s hilarious and complicated and a good match for the Doctor. So when I found out that there was a book of stories about her I was super excited.

The Legends of River Song is a book of five short stories. Normally short stories aren’t really my jam, but sometimes I like them and that was the case here. Each story really felt like a mini episode in terms of plot and crazy weird sci-fi story elements, so that was fun. They were also super great for any River/ Doctor shippers out there. Which, I am.

The first story is about River and the Doctor going on a date to a planet sized theme park called Asgard. It was really fun to see them when they’re on their own, and the shenanigans they got up. A minor complaint is that at one point someone mentions that the theme park has 72,000 employees. Which is a ridiculous number for a theme park the size of a planet because Disneyworld has that many and is obviously not planet sized. This falls under the category of not really important but something I needed to express to someone.

The next two stories also featured River and the Doctor getting involved in space/ time hijinks. There were also references to handcuffs and climbing into bedroom windows at night and basically they were tasty little story bites.

The final two stories are River on her own and were equally enjoyable. It was interesting to see what she gets up to when the Doctor isn’t around.

The stories are meant to be from River Song’s diary and it was a bit odd to get used to seeing things from her perspective. The different authors tried to capture River’s voice and some of them were more successful than others. I never felt like we really got River’s voice, but the stories were quick and engaging enough that I was able to enjoy them anyway. The stories definitely had their flaws, and I’ve read some fanfiction that’s better, but I’ve also read a lot that’s worse. As a huge River Song fan, I was happy just to get new official material with her in it.

If you’re a River fan, I would definitely say give it a whirl! But I won’t say more because…

Stay magical readers!

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