Belle Cosplay

Hey remember how like 5 years ago (really more like a few months but whatever) I started a Belle cosplay from Once Upon a Time?

It is doneeeee!!!


This one was definitely a collaboration between my mum and myself. I needed her help with a lot of different components, and she pretty much finished the blouse for me. Thanks for being so patient with your beginning sewer Mum!


Sadly the bum roll isn’t easy to see in the pictures we took. That’s one element I’ve noticed a lot of people who make this costume tend to skip, but I think it adds a fun shape to the skirt. So not that you can tell, but it is there! Also not easy to see: the linen fabric we used has a really nice texture to it in person, but didn’t photograph well this time.

I did forget to take my watch off, so just pretend it’s a fancy magical watch gift from Rumple.


It was strange being brunette (although stranger was my blonde hair + darkened eyebrows combo when I took the wig off). I’m pretty pleased with the wig, although when we do a more formal photoshoot I need to style it beyond just sticking some clips in it and calling it a day. I also need to learn how to properly use wig tape. Lots to learn still.


Stay magical readers!

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