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Alicia’s dad has run ‘Say It With Flour’, a small bakery with a loyal following, for years. They have to find ways to bring in new customers, especial after Perk Up, a big chain coffee and pastry shop, opens across the street. To make a bad matter worse, Dane, the cute new boy at school is the son of Perk Up’s CEO. She should hate him…but he’s really sort of sweet. How’s a girl supposed to deal? Ali begins to create incredible cake pops using her deceased mom’s cookbook.

After finishing the dense and confusing The Glittering Court, I wanted something light and easy to read. Suzanne Nelson’s Cake Pop Crush was just that.

This book is definitely aimed at upper elementary/ middle grade readers, and for that age set I think the book is perfect. The plot line is simple and fairly predictable, but was still fun. Aside from one, the characters were all kind and supportive of each other, which is so rare in books (but that I loved!). The author also did a really nice job capturing what felt like realistic preteen interactions.

If this were meant to be a deeper book than it’s intended to be, I would have liked to see more of how Ali’s mom’s death affected her (which happened several years prior to the book), but we did see how it affected her dad. However, as that’s not what the focus of this book was meant to be, the book didn’t suffer because of not exploring this.

Shout out for including diversity! Alicia’s family is Mexican and there were little hints of this such as how she speaks some Spanish with her abuela, and in some of the pastries her dad sells in his bakery. No one makes a big deal out of it, and it was so refreshing to see a POC protagonist where the focus of her story wasn’t just the fact that she was a POC.

A great, fluffy read that will leave you hungry and craving cake pops.

Stay magical readers!

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