Jasmine’s New Look

Princess Jasmine has always had a special place in my heart. Aladdin in general has. When I was young, Aladdin was my favorite movie. And I wanted to be Aladdin. I started wearing my mum’s purple beret (“I have a purple hat just like Aladdin!” – wrong small Katie his hat is red) and my mum eventually made me a purple vest like Aladdin’s which I wore over everything. Literally everything.

At a certain point I realized Jasmine was a girl and more importantly wore a much cooler outfit than Aladdin. Then began the Jasmine obsession.

We have pictures from almost every one of our trips to Disney parks when I was young of me with Jasmine. And a lot of the ones recently too.

Al and Jas were also some of my favorites to photograph when I was working at Disney because they are a) super adorable and b) outside so I could photograph them without having to wait in line – I could just stand at the side out of the way and everyone was chill with it.

Aladdin & Jasmine 7/20

See? They are super cute. Even though a new princess has claimed my number one spot, Princess Jasmine will always be special for me.

Lately, Disney has been updating all its princess dresses. For the most part this has been very successful. Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, Belle, and Ariel all look fantastic. Their dresses are softer and more graceful, as is their hair. They still look just like they did in their classic movies, but just more natural and lighter (partly because of the fabric choices).

Cinderella and Charming 7/22/15

Less successful? Mulan (wearing something she has never worn in any of the movies? and that is not particularly Chinese?), and Pocahontas (although some parts of Poca’s outfit are an improvement). I’ll let you google if you’re curious and make your own decisions. The last to receive an outfit update is Jasmine. Arguably, unlike the other princesses, there really wasn’t anything that could be changed about Jasmine’s outfit to make her look more like her screen counterpart. So you would think Disney wouldn’t find much to change. The official concept art kept it pretty much the same, with more sparkles:


However, something was lost in translation between that design and what premiered at the park.

photo by @magiceverywhere_ on Instagram

This is Jasmine’s new look. I’ve heard varying opinions on it. I’ve also heard varying reasons as to why the change happened. Some people are claiming it is to be more culturally sensitive to the dress that women wear in the area of the world Jasmine is from, and some people claim it is to make it more modest/ cut down on creeps hitting on Jasmine (hahaha creeps hit on all the characters no matter what they’re wearing PEOPLE DON’T BE THAT GUEST YOU WILL BE MOCKED BACKSTAGE – but certain characters do face higher levels of creeps). My biggest question is why not base the outfit on one Jasmine actually wears? Such as prime candidate purple Jasmine. It still has the same look and feel of Jasmine’s turquoise outfit while being more modest, so just change the color to her iconic turquoise and you have something that is still recognizable for children.


I don’t love her new hair, but just in terms of the new shape around Jasmine’s face being less flattering (and the strange tuft at her forehead?). The other part of her hair looks fine to me and if it helps Jasmine’s friends have fewer neck problems (we spent a lot of time commiserating in physical therapy), then I am all for that change. It would be a step in the right direction toward Disney actually taking costume injury seriously, and anytime they want to look at Rapunzel’s braid I fully support that.

Jasmine’s new outfit isn’t my favorite because I wish they had remained more true to the look from the original movie. I have seen photos of it that are more and less flattering. I’m hoping it’s prettier in person, and I’m hoping that Disney will respond to guest feedback and also fine tune it to make it fit better – whether or not you like the new look, in most of the photos I’ve seen it does need some tailoring for fit.

However, excuse you Disney did you think you could make Aladdin’s outfit look all sleek and realistic and I wouldn’t notice? Bring back the poofy sleeves and huge purple feather!!

Stay magical readers!

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