So You Want to Be a Writer…

Any other writers on the blog in the house? Among other things, I pretty consistently consider myself a writer. Even during those times when I have to remind myself that to claim I’m a writer I really ought to be writing consistently. Some people claim writer’s block isn’t real. I disagree, but I think of it less of as a block and more as creative burnout. I know myself as a writer. I know when I’m just being lazy and when I really do need to step away from the computer. Unfortunately, most of this year has been one long step away from the computer moment. Which isn’t to say I’m not writing – I’ve been keeping up with this blog, and I’ve been doing tons of essay/ prompt writing for my teacher classes, but not working on stories.

October always means one thing several things to me. Halloween being the biggest one, but right after that is National Novel Writing Month prep. This will be my 11th year doing Nanowrimo. Which means I’ve been doing Nanowrimo longer than some of my students this past semester have been alive holy smokes I just now realized that man I feel old now.

Anyway, novel prep! It’s been a while since I’ve had the motivation to work on a story, but with Nanowrimo on the horizon I’ve been pushing myself to do some planning/ outlining, and guys… I’m getting excited. For those of you who know me personally, this is a story I’ve been working on for a while. Since like senior year of high school which is a much longer time ago now than I want to admit. I’ve written this book for Nano… twice(?) now. Which would be bad, except the story has changed so much since I first thought it up that I am literally writing almost a whole different book each time. I still don’t know if my most current version is quite there yet, there are still mysteries that the characters aren’t entirely divulging, but I definitely feel like the story is getting closer.

Even if the story is still hitting some stumbling blocks, I love my characters. It’s very silly how much I adore these fictional people that currently only exist in my head. I really need to finally get this thing written properly if only so that maybe one or two other people can be excited about them and I can have someone to talk to about these guys.

Clara is me. By myself. Yes, I ship some of my own characters. It would be less weird if, you know, I actually finished the book so maybe some other people shipped them too.

I especially love my main character, Georgiana. Who I’ve fancast as Katie McGrath since basically immediately after I created the character. She’ll probably be 60 when I’ve finally finished this book and I’ll still be thinking to myself that she should play Georgiana if there’s ever a movie.





She wasn’t even originally the main character. She got upgraded after the first Nano attempt when I realized she was taking over the plot anyway. It’s better this way. The character Georgiana replaced is still around, and is much better suited to her new role.

I don’t want to say anything more, because ~spoilers~ but even if Nano doesn’t get me out of my writing funk, hopefully it’ll at least get me that much closer to where I want this one story to be.

Stay magical readers!

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